Breyers® Ice Cream: Website

Ice cream makerMeshfolk was commissioned by Ryan Partnership to build the website for their client, Breyers® Ice Cream. We were responsible for realizing Ryan's concept in the form of an interactive 3D environment with stylized lush vegetation, fruit and architectural elements.

Highlights include a CG ice-cream stand with green screen actor integration, realistic trees, houses, and over 1.6 bilion blades of grass.


The Ice Cream Stand

Remember when you were a kid with that lemonade-stand entrepreneurial spirit? Well, this is the ice-cream stand version of that idyllic childhood dream.


Breyers® Ice Cream Stand

Behind the Scenes: A complex 3D environment

Every element in this project from the house to the trees to the baskets of fruit were custom made for this entirely CG/3D environment. Here is a wire-frame screen shot of the environment from a 3D perspective.

Breyers® Website 3D Wireframe


Power Button Graphic