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3M My Post-it Book and PenMeshfolk was commissioned by Ryan Partnership to build two 3D environments for their client, 3M, Post-it.

Detailed concept sketches for both environments were supplied to Meshfolk early in the process. Within 24 hours, the Meshfolk team was mobilized and working on realizing Ryan's vision in stunning, realistic 3D detail.

Many elements in the scenes required animation, such as the flag-highlighter pen, the note dispenser, cards, coffee steam, the book (even a lava lamp!).

Mattes and CG camera coordinates were supplied to the Ryan team for live actor integration in the virtual environments. It was an incredible collaboration that led to an incredible success.

The website was featured in the NY Times. The site exceeded expectations and brought down the web server within two weeks of deployment (additional servers were brought in quickly to compensate). At it's peak, the website experienced over 100,000 visits per month and has set the bar high for future product promotion portals.

Two years later, the portal is still one of 3M's most successful campaigns. We're proud to have been a part of the process. Check it out for yourself.


The Office

While some people might not enjoy working in an office without windows, we had a blast constructing this one!

3M Post-it Office Environment

Phone ImageFYI: The phone was actually modeled after one of the 'real' phones in our studio -- Alas, the phone died a year later (but its memory lives on at MyPostitSecret.com).

Here's the office scene 3D wireframe.

3M Post-it Environment 3D Wireframe


The Dorm Room

Sometimes it's the constellation of elements that make a computer-generated scene more believable: The blowing curtains, the lava lamp, the warm glow of the sunshine and, yes, even the dirty sock in the drawer…

3M Post-it Dorm Environment

Here's the 3D wireframe.

3M Post-it Dorm 3D Wireframe

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